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Recovery Tools

Recovery International’s tools are the cognitive behavioral self-help techniques people use to guide themselves through difficult situations. These tools are quoted or adapted from our self-help books Mental Health Through Will TrainingManage Your Fears Manage Your Anger and Selections From Dr. Low’s Works, which you can buy from our online bookstore. Although you will be trained on the use of these self-help tools at meetings, it is important to have the books to more quickly learn them.

Sample Recovery International Tools

  • Treat mental health as a business and not as a game.
  • Humor is our best friend, temper is our worst enemy.
  • If you can’t change a situation, you can change your attitude towards it.
  • Be self-led, not symptom-led.
  • Nervous symptoms and sensations are distressing but not dangerous.
  • Temper is, among other things, blindness to the other side of the story.
  • Comfort is a want, not a need.
  • There is no right or wrong in the trivialities of every day life.
  • Calm begets calm, temper begets temper.
  • Don’t take our own dear selves too seriously.
  • Feelings should be expressed and temper suppressed.
  • Helplessness is not hopelessness.
  • Some people have a passion for self-distrust.
  • Temper maintains and intensifies symptoms.
  • Do things in part acts.
  • Endorse yourself for the effort, not only for the performance.
  • Have the courage to make a mistake.
  • Feelings are not facts.
  • Do the things you fear and hate to do.
  • Fear is a belief—beliefs can be changed.
  • Every act of self-control leads to a sense of self-respect.