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Recovery Panels

The following are professional testimonials regarding our self-help groups:

“Recovery makes my job easier because the patients learn to rely on themselves, not medication, family or the doctor.”—George Warren, MD

“I see how my patients who have had Recovery training are able to adjust to their medical problems and have much less fear dealing with their condition. They learn to distinguish between functional and organic ailments. I find patients who attend Recovery derive benefits which have proven to make a significant difference between those who attend and those who do not.”—Jorge Lindenbaum, MD

“Recovery offers acceptance, support and understanding. It provides another chance for individuals to learn social skills and to live more fully.”—George Deering, MD

“I see my patients in Recovery doing much better clinically than those with comparable problems not in a Recovery group. With [Recovery International], treatment is not only strengthened, but shortened and accelerated.”—Earl N. Solon, MD