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How to Use RI Power Tool Cards for Progress

Power Tool Cards Play a Big Hand in Recovery

I can’t say enough good things about the RI Power Tool cards. I have used them in so many ways to keep  the “RI Zone” as I like to call it. That’s where I go when I’m in temper or symptoms. By now my body knows enough to expect nothing less than the “RI Zone” if I spot symptoms. Sometimes it’s a kind of visual awareness, as if I’m perceiving the RI tools as I remember them from the shiny, colorful cards. Why it works like that for me, well, as Yul Brynner said, “‘Tiz a puzzlement!” I just know it does and I sure appreciate that it does.

My wife Judy, who is one of my assistant leaders at the Portland Tuesday night meeting, readily agrees that these card accelerated our assimilation of the RI Method in a dramatic fashion. I’d already been a leader for two years before Judy started getting really involved in Recovery. And the thing that got her attention were the Power Tool Cards.

You can have fun with these cards – we have, in many ways! We take them on road trips and discuss them – how we might use this tool or that, times when we could have used them but didn’t, and tools that we agreed were going to be essential for us, now and in the future. Each tool card has an explanation or suggestion of how to use the tool on the back of the card, and they are thought- and conversation-provoking.

The cards are lamintated, so virtually indestructible. They are brightly colored, which adds to the textural appeal of picking one up, reading it and turning it over. When I have used the cards in panel presentations at hospitals, clinics and agencies, the audience members seem to be especially attracted to their color and texture.

In a way, it’s like holding Dr. Low’s method in your hands. What could be a better RI immersion than that?

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