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First Phone Training Inspires RI Leaders with Strategies, and “Baby Manual”

On Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015, we began the first round of nation RI leader training via phone conference. Although we initially planned for no more than 24 attendees, more than 40 people turned out for the training. We are grateful to trainers Sarah Grant-Reid, Monique Casbeer, Scott Dixon and Charlotte Moran.

Thank you all for sending your comments and questions. We realize the relatively large size of the attendee group was of concern, and we resolve to limit participation to a maximum of 20 attendees in future training rounds. Here are some changes we have already made:

  • We are recommending attendees open the training manual and the participants handout side-by-side, to avoid getting lost or confused where the trainers are reading from. Trainers will pause before reading each section to ensure attendees are ready.

  • We  are using a new phone conferencing system. It should give us better sound quality. It also allows us to record the sessions and more easily manage the audio files.

  • We are extending each training session to two hours, with a short break. This will allow more interaction with attendees.

  • We are adding a workshop after the four sessions have been completed, on the last Saturday of November, 11/28. This will be a practical session, allowing personalized Q&A and strategies.

We hope you will join us for all upcoming training sessions this fall, and will find the training fruitful and rewarding. Thank you for your continued patience.


The following comments are excerpts from emails and phone calls I received after the training, edited for confidentiality.

“Just wanted to thank you for defining fear as symbolic idiom and anger as temperamental lingo. That really helped clarify both. I also really appreciate being introduced to the form “Applying RI Tools to Drop Temper.” It is such a great adjunct to the “Constructing a RI Example : A Worksheet.” Looking forward to our next Leader’s Training meeting next week.” Jan in MI

“I enjoyed the conference call very much. I liked how when one of the leaders needed to, they said pass. That helped me to know that it’s ok to move to someone else when you get overwhelmed. I enjoyed the other participants’ comments. Thank you all for directing us to the portion of the manual from which you were reading. I was feeling overwhelmed when I was trying to figure out where you reading.”

“When you said to pat ourselves on the back, I realized I’d never done that before. Then when I did it, I realized I had a big smile! Thanks for the big smile!”

“I like the idea that self-will training means we train for things that are hard to do, with the support of other people who want the same kind of things. I didn’t realize group support was so important.”

I appreciated all the input from the different trainers. That’s stuff you can’t get out of the manual. But I liked that the manual was well-organized. It was hard to tell during the training where exactly in the manual we working on because we jumped around, and the trainers’ instructions weren’t always clear.”

“I’m glad someone explained the difference between the “mute” button on their phone and using STAR-SIX to mute. It was pretty chaotic in the beginning when people were talking on the conference line and they didn’t realize they weren’t really muted.”

“Smaller training groups would be better so we could get more audience participation.”

“The 1st training session on Sept. 26th was very in enlightening – thanks! I have no complaints, everyone who spoke seemed to have good insights in the R.I. method. I’m already looking forward to the next 3 sessions.”

“Thank you! I’m really excited about this. I’ve gained so much from Dr. Low and am eager to pass it on. I enjoyed the conference call very much. I liked how when one of the leaders needed to, they said “pass.” That helped me to know that it’s ok to move to someone else when you get overwhelmed. I enjoyed the other participants’ comments.”

“Thank you all for directing us to the portion of the manual from which you were reading. I was feeling overwhelmed when I was trying to figure out where you reading.I started going to and RI group several years ago. I found that I wanted to be the one leading the group. When the Peer was leaving the counseling center, the new Peer would be assigned this group with no idea how to lead. Generally, I would lead the group until the Peer would finally be comfortable leading.” 

“Going to this group training was a godsend for me. I was always trying to look at an event as a mob. This practice let me take care of it bit by bit, knowing that my fears would be addressed. I took the tools and printed them separately on address labels. I used my cutter to cut out tags and applied labels to them. I put them on a binder clip and found that they fit very nicely in my purse on in my jeans pocked. I had all of my tools with me wherever I went. I became more familiar with them and used them more.”

“I would like to see RI bring this method to the youth. Maybe start in 6th grade and work up through high school. It would be a lot of grades and days but I think that it would be so very worthwhile. Has anyone taken on teaching the method to children before? Do you feel that this could work with children as it is, or would it have to be modified? I am interested in your leadership training sessions coming up this October. I am so grateful that my friend forwarded me the information as it somehow didn’t make it into my inbox! I’m glad I wasn’t too late!”

“I first joined the telephone meetings about 5 years ago and have benefited greatly from the great Dr. Low. It would be an honor and a privilege to share his wisdom with others.”

“I have read most of the 2 main books and refer to them often. I also have the cd and book of quotes among other items. I appreciate every opportunity to learn more.”

“Thanks again for all your good efforts – hope you’re endorsing! The troubles you had early on were trivial — there are always unexpected developments when going “live”:):)!!”

“Yes, there were some technical issues and I do have other thoughts/ideas before the next session. Thanks to everyone else for their group-mindedness. We can certainly build on today’s session!!”

“Slightly chaotic but I like chaos. I questioned the comments about the necessity of finding both tempers in every example. That angry and fearful tempers are the opposite sides of the same coin is certainly true but to ask someone, such as a newcomer who is dominated by one or the other temper and symptoms to look for its opposite is unreasonable. Leaders should certainly consider the opportunity to see the relation between both tempers in producing symptoms. My understanding is that if you treat -spot- one temper you are treating both of them.”

“I was a bit disappointed that there were not many newcomers present but leader training is for leaders and their assistants. Newcomers will have their chance.”

“I found the pdf form of the manual to be cumbersome to deal with. It was impossible to scroll easily from bottom to top of the hundred or so pages to see the handouts as you read the text. I had to stop trying to do that as it gave me symptoms. Eventually I just sat in lounger listening and did much better with it.”

“I have a question about the spotting of angry and fearful tempers requisite to qualify for an example. I thought the rule was that you had to have either an angry temper symptom “or” a fearful temper symptom. I thought it was either or not both. Thanks to everyone for time and effort!Most effective when telling stories vs. reading.  Would like frequent summaries that codify  “…and this is how we lead.” The material is well written, well-conceived, and well organized. The only problem is you have to remember to give the page number and give us time to get there before you start reading; and tell us where you are on the page if you don’t start at the top.  Tell us to separate the two sections at the beginning cuz I got behind trying to find the section in the stack of papers. Other than that, you should endorse yourselves, all! I enjoyed the conference call. “

“It helped me to endorse myself when you gave the example of the “mental pat on the back.”  I smiled and did the same. I did take notes.  I did not have the Manual and /or Hand-out, but I understood all of the trainers. Your efforts were a good example of group-mindedness.  I look forward to our next call on Oct 10, 2015.”

“I appreciated the part where you suggested we self-endorse with a pat on the back. I actually did it, and then, looking in the mirror, I realized I had a big smile on my face! Well done!”

“I am very grateful to be able to participate.  I could tell that the trainers worked very hard to make this a success.  The “Baby Manual” is well organized, very easy to understand and does a good job of explaining key concepts.  The conversations after the session were really helpful.”

“I’m glad you had us endorse ourselves for working with the “technical difficulties” using the phone, *6 procedures, garbled voices, etc.  (Maybe in your reminder emails before the next session, you could explain those procedures.  Sarah’s version was crystal clear.)  Thanks again for offering these sessions.”

“I liked the first training session.  I couldn’t understand what you were saying sometimes.  I wonder if you were too close to the microphone or if you were using the speaker mode in your phone. Just ideas. I plan to continue on with the rest of the meetings. Thank you very much to all the Trainers.  Good job!!”


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