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Delores Gulima, RI Leader from NJ, Offers Transcribed Dr. Low Files for Free


Dolores A. Gumina, Toms River RI Group Leader, offers RI leaders typed chapters of Dr. Low’s literature at no charge —

Because she cares about LEADERS!


To download a chapter from “Selections” or “Manage Your Fear – Manage Your Anger,” click on the name of the file you want below and save it to your computer’s drive.

Deloris Gulima

Deloris Gulima

Delores Gumina came across Recovery International by chance 1978, when a she accompanied a friend to a meeting in Warren, Somerset County. The friend had been suffering from nervous breakdowns, and Delores had been dealing with anxiety herself.

“My girlfriend said, ‘This isn’t too good, this won’t help me,’ and she never went back,’” Dolores said. “I was so impressed. I came home thinking, ‘Wow, this is great.’ I kept going back and I became a leader.”

Delores eventually opened a meeting in Summit, where she presided until 2000, when she moved to Toms River. Recovery International came with her. The group meets each Wednesday from 7:30-9 p.m. in the Presbyterian Church of Toms River. She shares everything she knows about RI with other leaders. At the fall sessions of RI national training she was a huge help, offering tips and strategies for beginning or newer leaders. She kindly offered to make files available free of charge so that leaders can have “soft copies” of Dr. Low’s writings. But let her explain it in her own words:

“The reason that I typed them up was because I wanted to distribute them to my group.  Sometimes I have them read one of the Lectures instead of a chapter from MHTWT.  As you must know, it’s a funny thing.  I’ve been a leader for many, many years (38+) and I almost have the book memorized – having read it from cover to cover so many times.  I find that my group gets more out of the Lectures than they do any other book.” – Delores Gumina


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